23 Jul 24

Special mention for the Indoor Pool in Tübingen

The current pool landscape of Tübingen consists of three pools. In addition to the outdoor pool, Stadtwerke Tübingen operates two indoor pools, which are in need of renovation. After extensive evaluation, it was determined that a renovation of the existing indoor pools would not sufficiently meet the demand for covered water areas. In the future, the primary provision of covered swimming facilities will be met by a large, newly constructed Hallenbad Süd and a renovated Hallenbad Nord. For the new construction, which is to be realized before the renovation, Stadtwerke Tübingen announced a closed realisation competition. Our design received a special mention.

22 Jul 24

Inauguration Franz Binder Verbundschule Neckarsulm

The Franz Binder Verbundschule in Neckarsulm was officially inaugurated - a significant milestone for the city and the entire school community. This educational institution combines the Gemeinschaftsschule, Hauptschule and Werkrealschule under one roof. The new school building offers bright, open spaces and flexible learning environments, creating a welcoming atmosphere for pupils and teachers. In addition to the open foyer and flexible cluster rooms, the school features specialized rooms for science, art, music, and sports. The newly designed courtyards and sports facilities are also intended to promote physical activity and a sense of community.

19 Jul 24

High level visit from aed

The aed Stuttgart association wanted to learn more about the architecture office planning the Interim venue of the Stuttgart Opera. As a result, we had the pleasure of giving a tour of our office to nearly 50 interested individuals. Afterwards, our office management Florian Gruner and Alexander Lange gave a presentation on the planning of the Interim venue of the Opera. The event concluded with an exchange over wine and delicacies.

16 Jul 24

Hugo-Häring State Prize

From a total of 581 submissions for the Hugo-Häring-Award, the jury of the BDA has now selected eight residential and public buildings from Baden-Württemberg for the Hugo-Häring State Prize. After our Kulturbahnhof in Aalen received the Hugo-Häring-Award in the Ostwürttemberg regional group in the first stage in September 2023, it has now been announced that it has also won the Hugo-Häring State Prize in the second stage!

15 Jul 24

New Chief Architects in Stuttgart

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our four new Chief Architects. Christine Hegner, Miriam Baehrens, Patrick Müller, and Sybille Schmid will now take on leading roles in our key projects and areas. We are proud of our new leadership team and look forward to the future projects and successes we will achieve together!

25 Jun 24

Staatspreis Baukultur Baden-Württemberg 2024

The Staatspreis Baukultur is a central element of the State Initiative for Building Culture in Baden-Württemberg, which aims to strengthen and promote planning and building culture in the state. Under this year's motto "Re-Building Architectural Culture", nine winners and 18 commendations were determined in nine categories through a multi-stage selection process by the State Prize Board of Trustees and, finally identified by the jury from a total of 235 project submissions. After our Kulturbahnhof Aalen was nominated in February, it went on to win the State Prize for Building Culture in the category "Building for the Community" at the award ceremony in Stuttgart.

21 Jun 24

Richtfest für den Wohnungs- und Bürobau im Queckareal Tübingen

Trotz des regnerischen Wetters hat die Baugemeinschaft HolzReich ein erfolgreiches Richtfest für den von uns geplanten Wohnungs- und Bürobau im ehemaligen Queckareal Tübingen gefeiert. Zahlreiche Gäste kamen zusammen, um den Baufortschritt gebührend zu würdigen. Das fünfgeschossige Holzhybridhaus, das 9 Wohnungen, ein kreatives Musikstudio und zwei flexible Gewerbeeinheiten umfasst, ist ein Beispiel für die Revitalisierung innerstädtischer Brachflächen und städtischer Nachverdichtung sowie für generationenübergreifendes Wohnen.

20 Jun 24

Inauguration of the Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen

The extension building of the Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen was festively inaugurated. The archaeological open-air museum, which has existed since 1922 and is known beyond national borders, is gaining a new exhibition on the UNESCO World Heritage of pile dwellings and a modern visitor center thanks to the new building. The artistically constructed building resembles an inverted prehistoric dugout canoe and has been elaborately staged inside with a unique wooden structure.

18 Jun 24

1st place in the competitionline Ranking 2023 by federal state

As with previous rankings, competitionline Verlags GmbH has once again identified the most successful competition offices in the respective planning disciplines this year. Additionally, they have taken a detailed look at the competitions across the 16 federal states. Last year, Baden-Württemberg had the most planning competitions, with a total of 86. In 2023, we recorded 15 competition successes, eleven of which were in Baden-Württemberg. As a result, we accumulated the most ranking points in "the Ländle" (Baden-Württemberg) and secured 1st place!

17 Jun 24

3rd place at the Rethinking The Future Awards 2024

The Rethinking The Future Awards 2024 is a design award that has been presented for the 16th time, analyzing and comparing the work of architects and designers in the categories of sustainability and innovation. This year, over 1000 entries were received from more than 40 countries, covering the categories of architecture, landscape design, urban planning, product design, and interior design. We are proud to announce that our Primary School in Stuttgart-Stammheim was awarded 3rd place in the "Institutional (Built)" category.

14 Jun 24

Inauguration of the Residential Development Wasengärtle Schliengen

In Schliengen, the residential development we designed at Wasengärtle was inaugurated. In collaboration with Siedlungswerk Stuttgart, seven modern houses with a total of 69 residential units were created. To our delight, all parties involved, including the residents, the mayor, and the developer, are very satisfied with the small red neighborhood.

07 Jun 24

Special mention for the Educational Campus in Vienna

The town of Vienna intends to construct a new Educational Campus, Hausfeld Nord. It will be a combined educational facility with a kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, special education, and music school. To find a design that embraces the urban integration into the local conditions as well as meets the spatial-functional and educational requirements, the city announced an open, EU-wide, two-stage competition. Our design received a special mention.

06 Jun 24

2nd prize for the School campus in Meckenheim

A modern school complex is to be built on the Meckenheim School campus. The city of Meckenheim plans to realize the construction of the Geschwister-Scholl-Hauptschule and the Konrad-Adenauer-Gymnasium as part of a joint contract. The main objective of the construction project is to meet the requirements of current educational and labour-law regulations and to ensure an efficient and well-functioning school operation that fully meets the demands of modern learning environments. In the announced negotiated procedure with a competitive bidding process, we received the 2nd prize for our design, which we developed together with Köster-Bau.

02 Mai 24

Award ceremony Timber Construction Prize 2024

After our Primary School in Stuttgart-Stammheim was nominated for the Timber Construction Prize 2024 as part of the Timber Construction Initiative Baden-Württemberg, the award ceremony took place in Friedrichshafen. Out of a total of 99 submitted projects, the 13 nominated projects were honored in a festive tribute. The competition was strong, but we are delighted about a recognition received!

17 Apr 24

4th place in the competitionline Ranking 2023

The result of the competitionline ranking 2023 has been announced! In the category 'Architecture' we have achieved 4th place together with MGF Architekten. In the category 'Urban planning' we can be proud of the 11th place!

17 Apr 24

Topping-out ceremony for the Burghaldenquartier in Leonberg

In a festive setting, the topping-out wreath was raised for the new management building of the Böblingen District Savings Bank and the four surrounding residential houses designed by us. Together with the client, the construction companies, and the planners, we celebrated this milestone. The topping-out ceremony not only celebrated the progress of the construction but also the anticipation about the future residents who will find a new home here.

10 Apr 24

1. Preis für die Grundschule in Freiberg

The city of Freiberg am Neckar intends to build a 5-track all-day primary school with a cafeteria for a total of approximately 500 pupils, playground and open spaces, a 2-court sports hall, and outdoor sports facilities, including the dismantling of the existing buildings in the city area. Together with Gustav Epple Bauunternehmung, we were able to win the Europe-wide advertised, multi-stage tendering process "Plan and Build" with a preceding Europe-wide prequalification competition. Our design is characterized by its high functionality as well as its modern and sustainable construction by the use of wood. We are delighted about the 1st prize!

26 Mär 24

Nomination for the polis AWARD 2024

The polis AWARD for urban and project development honors projects that go beyond their own framework to contribute to the public good of a city. Out of over 170 applications, our Neighborhood Development St. Elisabeth in Ulm was nominated in the category of "Intelligent Redensification". The winners will be announced at the award ceremony, taking place on April 24th at the polis Convention in Düsseldorf.

25 Mär 24

Hier steckt BIM drin! 2024

This year's publication by buildingSMART Germany again presents construction projects from Germany, that have been realized with and through Building Information Modeling. The projects presented here demonstrate that BIM is now being used profitably and effectively in various large and small projects. We are represented with the Center for Mental Health project in Böblingen.

21 Mär 24

a+r Grand Prix 2024

The 5th a+r Grand Prix was once again held at the racetrack in Wangen at Kart-o-Mania. After the race, which lasted over 27 laps, was completed and the winners were honored, it was time for a well-deserved visit at the Italian restaurant.

19 Mär 24

Nomination for the Timber Construction Prize Baden-Württemberg 2024

The Timber Construction Prize Baden-Württemberg 2024 is awarded by the holding company of the Timber Construction Initiative Baden-Württemberg and under the patronage of the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas, and Consumer Protection of Baden-Württemberg. It recognizes outstanding buildings, building concepts, and pioneering innovations from Baden-Württemberg that extensively engage with wood as the sustainable building material of our time. Our Primary School in Stuttgart-Stammheim is one of the 13 out of a total of 99 entries that were nominated.

11 Mär 24

Visit of a High Level Group to the office in Stuttgart

Under the title "Contemporary architecture and urban planning" the Chamber of Architects of Baden-Württemberg organized an excursion day for the Green parliamentary group of the state parliament. Our portfolio incluces urban planning, neighbourhood planning, cultural and educational facilities as well as residential construction. Due to this diversity, our office was asked, if we could give insight into the working methods of sustainable architectural offices, the difficulties in their daily working routine and the particular challenges concerning residential construction. We were happy to fulfil this request and would like to thank for the inquiry. We are delighted about the opportunity of representing the guild of architects.

08 Mär 24

1st prize for Primary School in Rottenburg

The town of Rottenburg am Neckar is planning the extension and conversion of Ergenzingen primary school in the Ergenzingen disctrict, inculding an all-day-school and dining area (approx. 280 pupils in the future). In order to find the best urban planning, architectural-design, functional and economic solution for the construction and conversion project, that is to be planned and realised, the town launched a realisation competition. Our design was awarded the 1st prize!

04 Mär 24

Topping-out ceremony for the Campus Building for the Vocational Schools in Tübingen

After 15 months of shell construction and timber construction, the topping-out ceremony for the Campus Building of the Vocational Schools in Tübingen was celebrated. By building on oder upon the existing two-storey underground car park, a large gap in the center of Tübingen's vocational schools has been closed. The new building will house a central canteen with a media library as well as 14 classrooms and seminar rooms, which will be used by all vocational schools.

01 Mär 24

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Mental Health Centre in Böblingen

The symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the Centre for Mental Health was celebrated at the airfield in Böblingen. A large complex with over 200 beds for the care of people with mental illnesses is planned to be built here.

09 Feb 24

Nomination for the Staatspreis Baukultur Baden-Württemberg 2024

The Staatspreis Baukultur honours and publicises particularly innovative, exemplary and transferable solutions for the planning and construction challenges in Baden-Württemberg. In 2024, the focus will be on rebuilding and rethinking cities and communities in all possible dimensions and facets. Our Kulturbahnhof Aalen was nominated as one of three projects in the category "Building for the Community" for the Staatspreis Baukultur Baden-Württemberg 2024 out of a total of 235 submissions!

07 Feb 24

Inauguration of the renovated conference room of the Administrative District Office in Waiblingen

The inauguration of the Waiblingen Administrative District Office‘s conference room marks another milestone on the way to a sustainable and climate-neutral district administration, in addition to the last week’s topping-out ceremony for the new Administrative District Office. The building section on Alter Postplatz, which can be dated back to the late 1950s, has been renovated, modernised and adapted to meet fire safety requirements. The new conference room accommodates 38 seats as standard as well as an administration bench and can additionaly be extended by 15 seats by opening one of a the seven meeting rooms. Furthermore, a gallery also provides space for 16 guests.

05 Feb 24

a+r ski trip 2024

This year our ski trip went back to Davos in Switzerland, where we stayed in a hut in the middle of the ski resort at an altitude of 2600 metres. We spent 3 days there with great weather and beautiful sunsets over the snow-covered peaks.

31 Jan 24

Nominated for the ArchDaily 2024 Building of the Year Awards

The ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards celebrates outstanding architectural achievements from around the world for over 15 years. Our Kulturbahnhof Aalen was nominated due to the creativity, innovation and dedication we have poured into our project. Public voting is open until February 13 to determine which projects deserve recognition. Click here to vote.

18 Jan 24

Topping-out ceremony for the Administrative District Office Waiblingen

The shell construction for the four-storey extension of the Administrative District Office in Waiblingen has been completed. The topping-out ceremony was celebrated together with those involved in the construction, neighbours and district council members. The interior work should be completed by the end of this year so that the 350 employees can move in at the beginning of 2025.

21 Dez 23

Special mention for the New Developement of the Kaufhof-Areal in Bad Cannstatt

The LBBW Immobilien Group is the owner of three combined plots at the entrance to Marktstrasse at Wilhelmsplatz in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt and intends to construct a new development of one or more mixed-use buildings on the site. LBBW Immobilien Development GmbH launched a realisation competition in order to achieve a high-quality, economical and sustainable design. Our design got a special mention.

12 Dez 23

Special Mention for the Central cafeteria in Gießen

Justus Liebig University (JLU) Giessen and the Giessen Student Union are planning to build a new central canteen on the Philosophikum campus area on the Culture and Humanities campus. The Philosophikum university site is to become a lively university quarter with its own character, characterised by both urban and scenic qualities. The state of Hessen launched a closed architectural realisation competition. Our design got a special mention.

06 Dez 23

Website News

Our Website is now available in English!

05 Dez 23

Archello Awards'23 - Jury Winner

Archello Awards 2023 has revealed the projects selected as winners of each of this year’s awards categories. The winning projects have been selected from 1,000 entries submitted from 66 countries. For each of the 27 categories, one project was awarded by jury vote, and one project was awarded by public vote. Our Kulturbahnhof Aalen, which has already been nominated as a finalist, has now been selected by the jury as "Cultural Building of the Year"!

24 Nov 23

Special mention for the Nursing Home in Walldorf

The city of Walldorf intends to build a complementary new nursing home in the South of Walldorf. The total supply of comprehensive care for Walldorf can no longer be provided by the existing nursing home of the Astor Foundation. The new nursing home is planned with a capacity of 100 places and will be realized on a plot of approximately 7,400 m². The goal is to establish a contemporary and sustainable nursing home that aims to be an attractive living space for people in need of care. The particularity of the task in the realisation competition announced by the city of Walldorf lay in the urban integration of the new nursing home into the spatial structure of the residential development in Walldorf-South. Our design was honored with recognition.

20 Nov 23

Award ceremony of the THE PLAN Award

The award ceremony for THE PLAN Award 2023 was celebrated in Milan. After our hospital in Myanmar made it from the shortlist to the finalists, it was honored with a Honorable Mention in the "Health" category during the ceremony. We are very proud of this recognition.

16 Nov 23

1st place for the Kleinfeldareal in Fellbach

The city of Fellbach is the owner of the Kleinfeld III area on the southeastern edge of the settlement and intends to develop a new residential quarter on the site as part of the residential development initiative. Within the planning area, a future-oriented residential district is to be created with a socially mixed resident structure, including age-appropriate housing and other forms of housing for starter households and families. In 2021, the city launched a negotiation procedure with a participation competition. Now, the results are available, and we are pleased to announce that our design has been awarded the 1st place!

02 Nov 23

Finalist at the Archello Awards’23

The Archello Award is a global awards programme that celebrates the best architectural projects and building products in the world. The award showcases contemporary architectural projects and the way in which they are implemented. Archello itself is one of the most popular architecture platforms worldwide, growing rapidly year after year. Our Kulturbahnhof Aalen was selected as a finalist in the “Cultural Building of the Year” category. We invite you to the public voting to vote for our Kulturbahnhof, among others.

24 Okt 23

A contribution to sustainable building

At our Westspitze in Tübingen, the association HPM (Die Handwerksgruppe) celebrated the 75th anniversary of its affiliated company Post Maler und Ausbau. Under the motto “DAS HANDWERK – wer sich verändert, verändert die Welt” (CRAFTSMANSHIP – those who change, change the world), the event addressed the challenges of climate change with presentations and networking in a relaxed atmosphere. We had the honour of presenting our Westspitze project as an example of sustainable building. It was an exciting and inspiring event.

18 Okt 23

2x Finalist at THE PLAN Award 2023

After our projects, the Kulturbahnhof Aalen and the Burma Hospital Myanmar, made it to the shortlist, they have now advanced to the list of finalists. An international jury composed of leading figures in architecture, design, real estate and science will announce the winners at a formal award ceremony in Milan on November 9th.

13 Okt 23

Office News

Based on the conviction that “only together as a team can we meet the challenges of the future”, a+r Generalplaner GmbH was founded in 2021. To confront ongoing changes and ever-increasing demands in the planning and construction field and to better position ourselves, Johannes Weiß was appointed to the management team of a+r Generalplaner GmbH as an employed managing director as of 1 August 2023. We congratulate him and wish him success for the forthcoming exciting challenges!

06 Okt 23

Special Mention for the new building of the Johann Peter Hebel Primary School in Gundelfingen

The municipality of Gundelfingen intends to build an all-day school at the site of the existing Johann-Peter-Hebel-Schule. For this purpose, the classroom schedule, a cafeteria with a kitchen and an additional multipurpose room or school hall are to be planned. The aim of this competition was to create a high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable building, which responds appropriately and to a high standard to the respective urban, functional and economic requirements. We received a special mention in this competition for our design, which we developed in collaboration with Glück Landschaftsarchitektur.

02 Okt 23

2nd prize for the new “Östlich Marbacher Strasse” quarter in Remseck am Neckar

In order to promote sustainable, environmentally conscious, space-saving and socially balanced neighbourhood development in the new “Östlich Marbacher Strasse” area, architecturally valuable and sustainable buildings are to be constructed, along with open spaces offering a high quality of stay. For this purpose, a design competition was announced as a multiple commission, and we were able to secure the 2nd prize.

30 Sep 23

2nd prize for redevelopment in the town centre of Leutkirch

Leutkirch is actively pursuing urban development and is already being supported by the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg with the fourth redevelopment area around the medieval old town. The current redevelopment area “Entlang der Eschach” provides the municipality with the opportunity to address urban, design and functional deficiencies in the urban core and the old town and to carry out upgrading measures. The subject of the competition was the preliminary planning of public open spaces and streets in several sub-areas. In collaboration with faktorgruen Landschaftsarchitekten, we achieved the 2nd prize.

28 Sep 23

2nd prize for “Am Rädlesbach” in Bad Waldsee

In the urban and open space planning competition, a preliminary design for the former “Hymer Areal”, an area covering 49,162 m², was to be developed. The goal is to create an attractive, mixed, compact and green urban district. Together with faktorgruen Landschaftsarchitekten, we were awarded 2nd prize.

25 Sep 23

3x Hugo-Häring-Award

The Association of German Architects BDA Baden-Württemberg has been awarding the Hugo-Häring-Award for exemplary buildings in Baden-Württemberg every three years since 1969 to both clients and architects for their joint work. In the current 2023/24 competition, 581 projects were submitted, participating in the award processes of the BDA regional groups. We are proud to announce that we have received 3 awards! We were awarded first prize in the Ostwürttemberg regional group for our Kulturbahnhof in Aalen, second prize in the Stuttgart-Mittlerer Neckar regional group for the Headquarters of Gustav Epple Bauunternehmung and third prize in the Ulm-Donau-Iller regional group for the St. Elisabeth neighbourhood development in Ulm.

22 Sep 23

Office excursion 2023

Our annual office excursion was due and this year we travelled to Mannheim. We visited the MARCHIVUM city archive and the Federal Garden Show. It was a wonderful day with lots of exciting and interesting impressions.

15 Sep 23

ArchiCup 2023

It was that time again: the traditional ArchiCup, a soccer tournament for architects and engineers, took place in Stuttgart Degerloch, and our FC a+r participated with a well-trained team. We advanced as group winners and faced the defending champions Kubus 360 | Herrmann+Bosch Architekten in the quarter-finals, and this year, we were able to secure a victory. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the final after losing to AIG Architekten- und Ingenieurgemeinschaft in the semi-finals, but we are definitely proud of our 4th place. It was a great tournament with exciting matches, delicious food, refreshing drinks and enthusiastic fans. Congratulations to asp Architekten GmbH for their well-deserved victory, and many thanks to Kubus 360 | Herrmann+Bosch Architekten and Sportfreunde Stuttgart for organising the event.

12 Sep 23

Nominated at the Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Award 2024

The Baden-Württemberg Chapter of the Association of German Landscape Architects recognises creatively designed open spaces and landscapes as well as comparable projects in Baden-Württemberg with an innovative and sustainable planning approach as part of the Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Award. Our Rauner School Campus is among the 18 nominated projects selected by the jury. In addition to the next jury decision, anyone interested is also invited to vote for their personal favourite project to win the Public’s Choice Award. We would greatly appreciate your vote for our Rauner School Campus!

05 Sep 23

Heinze ArchitekturAWARD 2023

... and another award for the Kulturbahnhof Aalen! Out of nearly 400 submissions, the KUBAA has made it onto the shortlist for the Heinze ArchitekturAWARD 2023. The Heinze ArchitekturAWARD recognises architecture and planning firms for their residential and non-residential projects each year. The jury evaluates both the overall concept of the building and the uniqueness, innovation, architectural distinctiveness and the building’s sustainability.

15 Aug 23

2nd prize for “Quartier Stadtmitte” in Mengen

The company Manfred Löffler Wohn- und Gewerbebau Bauunternehmen intends to redevelop the city centre in Mengen. For this purpose, a single-stage planning competition was announced. The competition site is currently occupied by older residential and retail properties and a restaurant. These uses, except for the restaurant, are to be discontinued, and instead, a residential area with an urban atmosphere and commercial use on the ground floor and higher density is to be created. We were awarded 2nd prize for our design, which we share with jasarevic architekten. No 1st prize was awarded.

14 Aug 23

2x Gold at International Architecture Award 2023

Since 2004, the Chicago Athenaeum, together with the European Center, has been organising the International Architecture Award to honour the best and most significant buildings designed and/or constructed by the world’s leading architects, landscape architects and urban planners at the national and international levels. An international jury comprising several renowned designers selected nearly 150 entries from a list of over 850 projects. Our Kulturbahnhof in Aalen and our Burma Hospital in Myanmar were both recognised as winners in the “Restoration/Renovation” and “Hospitals/Medical Centres” categories, respectively!

07 Aug 23

2x shortlist at THE PLAN Award 2023

THE PLAN Award is an annual international award that recognises outstanding achievements in the fields of architecture, interior design and urban planning. With twenty different categories and over a thousand submissions each year, THE PLAN Award is an important opportunity for architects, designers, urban planners and strategists to become part of an international community. Our Kulturbahnhof in Aalen and our Burma Hospital in Myanmar have made it to the shortlist in the “Culture” and “Health” categories! As part of the “Community Wish List Special Prize”, you can now vote for our two shortlisted projects!

27 Jul 23

Topping-out ceremony for Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen

The topping-out ceremony was celebrated for the extension of the Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen on Lake Constance, which will serve as a visitor centre and exhibition hall. Within two months, the about twelve-metre-high building was built next to the lake dwellings, which, due to its special wooden construction, looks like an inverted dugout canoe from above. The opening is scheduled for May 2024.

22 Jul 23

Field Soccer Tournament 2023

The Field Soccer Tournament, a well-established small-field football tournament for architects, interior designers and planners, was kicked off again in Stuttgart and Hamburg this year. For the ninth time in a+r’s football history, our team participated in the tournament, aiming to defend the title. On Friday and Saturday, our FC a+r gave their all on the sports field in Stuttgart-Münster, braving wind, rain and sunshine, and achieved a respectable 6th place. Even though we didn’t make it to the podium, we are very proud of our team!

21 Jul 23

2nd prize for Local Supply Centre with Housing in Singen

In Singen’s Nordstadt district, a new development with a local supply centre, residential buildings and high-quality open spaces is planned. The local supply centre will include an EDEKA supermarket and a chemist’s. For the development plan of the approximately 13,000-square-metre site, a competition was announced by Siedlungswerk Stuttgart and the applicant consortium EDEKA. We were awarded 2nd prize for our design, jointly developed with faktorgruen. The jury praised our proposed small-scale, open building structure, which aligns with the surrounding context, as a valuable contribution to the development of Singen’s Nordstadt.

17 Jul 23

Göppingen Civic Administration Centre was awarded at the best architects 24 award

The best architects award was launched in 2006 to identify the best and most interesting projects the architecture scene in the German-speaking countries has to offer. Today, it ranks among the most prestigious architecture awards. We are proud to announce that this year, our Civic Administration Centre in Göppingen is among the winners of the best architects 24 award. We are thrilled to receive this special recognition.

14 Jul 23

Richtfest für das Verfügungsgebäude der UTN

Ein großer Tag für die Technische Universität Nürnberg (UTN), für das Staatliche Bauamt Erlangen-Nürnberg und für uns. Für das Verfügungsgebäude, auch Cube One genannt, fand das Richtfest statt, bei dem auch die CSU Politiker Markus Söder und Markus Blume anwesend waren. Das Cube One ist das erste Gebäude auf dem neu entwickelten Universitätscampus in Nürnberg. Der bayerische Ministerpräsident und sein Staatsminister für Wissenschaft und Kultur haben den Nachmittag mit vielen Baubeteiligten und geladenen Gästen bei Bratwurst und Musik ausklingen lassen.

05 Jul 23

competitionline Ranking 2022 by federal states

As in the past two years, competitionline has not only determined the most successful competition offices in the respective planning disciplines this year but has also taken a detailed look at the competitions in the 16 federal states of Germany. Together with gernot schulz : architektur GmbH and HASCHER JEHLE Architektur, we won the most competitions in Hesse and were thus ranked as the champions in the region!

22 Jun 23

Interim Venue Staatsoper Stuttgart

We are thrilled about the abundant media attention that our winning design for the interim venue of Staatsoper Stuttgart, which we developed together with NL Architects, is receiving. Whether in Stuttgarter Zeitung, on the Stuttgart’s official website or on the SWR-Aktuell news platform – we still can’t believe that we have the opportunity to plan this special and prestigious project. We are looking forward to the close collaboration with NL Architects!

21 Jun 23

Cornerstone ceremony for Burghalden Quarter in Leonberg

Despite the heavy summer rain, the cornerstone for four new residential buildings with 71 apartments and two underground car parks was laid! Due to its size, the existing property offers the potential to provide a tolerable amount of housing close to the city centre in addition to the new building for the Kreissparkasse bank branch. Primary attention is directed to a moderate expansion of the residential area at Engelberg while preserving individual, valuable trees.

20 Jun 23

1st prize for Interim Venue Staatsoper Stuttgart

Sensational news! We have been awarded 1st prize for the interim venue of Staatsoper Stuttgart, which we developed in collaboration with NL Architects! Staatsoper Stuttgart is one of the most important opera houses in Europe. In its meeting on July 28, 2021, the City Council of the State Capital of Stuttgart decided on the fundamental renovation and expansion of the opera house, including the development of an interim venue. As a result, a single-phase, restricted architectural competition was announced, which we were able to win with our design.

14 Jun 23

2nd place for Student Residence with Daycare Centre in Nuremberg

The UmweltBank AG acquired the area at Nordwestring 101 in Nuremberg in 2020 to develop the so-called UmweltQuartier, providing residential, commercial and public green spaces. A part of the site is designated for the construction of a student residence, including a daycare centre, in wood or hybrid timber construction. To find an optimally functional and aesthetically pleasing design for the building with its various functional areas, UmweltBank AG, in collaboration with pro.b, conducted the competition process as a so-called “New Team Procedure” in two phases. Working together with the structural engineers from Furche Geiger Zimmermann Tragwerksplaner and the carpenters’ workshop Zimmerei Dümler, we were able to achieve 2nd place with our design.

05 Jun 23

Start of timber construction work on UTN Building

Timber construction work on the new office and administrative building for the Nuremberg University of Technology (UTN) has begun! Since the beginning of May, our fully prefabricated timber façade elements for the ground floor have been assembled on-site in Nuremberg. The façade elements, with lengths of up to 11 metres, arrive fully finished with cladding, windows and waterproofing. They are delivered to the construction site ready to be lifted and secured into place using a crane.

25 Mai 23

Topping-out ceremony for the Residential Development St. Nikolaus in Opfingen

In Opfingen, a district of Freiburg, the topping-out ceremony for the four residential buildings of the Siedlungswerk housing association took place. The clients, craftsmen, local residents, representatives of the city planning department and we ourselves are all very pleased to see how well the buildings, which are grouped around the existing church, blend in and will redefine the entrance to Opfingen.

24 Mai 23

Topping-out ceremony for Residential Development Neise Site in Stutensee

Since 2017, we have been planning the Wohnpark Mittendrin residential estate with 152 apartments in Stutensee. After the first concrete was poured in January 2022 and the first Gisoton block was laid in June 2022, the structural work is now mostly completed. After welcoming speeches from the mayor and the managing director of our client Volkswohnung, as well as a traditional topping-out speech, we all raised a toast to celebrate this milestone.

15 Mai 23

Cornerstone ceremony at Hechinger Eck Nord in Tübingen

At Hechinger Eck in Tübingen, a new neighbourhood is taking shape. An underground car park, for which foundation work is already underway, serves as the anchor concept for a block development of five high-rise projects comprising residential and commercial spaces, as well as a daycare centre. On May 15, the cornerstone for the entire construction site was laid in a festive ceremony. Part of the event involved placing a fully-packed time capsule into the excavated pit. Inside the time capsule are newspaper articles, photos and other mementos, capturing and reflecting the present time and the individuals involved in the construction, for eternity.

12 Mai 23

Honourable mention at the Design Educates Awards 2023

The Design Educates Awards recognise, showcase and promote the best ideas and implementations of architecture and design worldwide. Our Kulturbahnhof Aalen was able to assert itself internationally this year and received an honourable mention.

03 Mai 23

Bronze at the Brick in Architecture Awards 2022

Since 1989, the Brick Industry Association (BIA) has sponsored one of the most prestigious architectural award programmes for bricks – the Brick in Architecture Awards. Our Hospital in Myanmar is one of the winners this year and was awarded bronze!

28 Apr 23

1st place for the redesign of the Schutterwald Town Centre

The municipality of Schutterwald aims to redesign its town centre. To achieve the best architectural and urban solution, it announced an urban development competition. The starting point was the expansion of the all-day care facility and the necessary building extension of the Mörburg School. As the potential building areas for the extension affects various urban areas of the town centre, the building measures for the school expansion were to be considered in the overall urban context. In close collaboration with Faktorgruen Landschaftsarchitekten, we were awarded 1st prize for our design in the competition!

27 Apr 23

3rd place at the polis AWARD 2023

The polis AWARD seeks the true return on investment in urban and project development: the urban return. For the eighth time in 2023, the award honours projects that go beyond their economic framework and contribute to the greater good of the city. Out of 160 submissions, our Westspitze office and commercial building in Tübingen was nominated in the Ecological Reality category. Moreover, our Kulturbahnhof Aalen even secured the 3rd place in the Revitalised Centres category!

26 Apr 23

9th place in the competitionline Ranking 2022

The results of the competitionline Ranking 2022 have been announced! And once again, we are proud to have made it to the Top 10 in two categories out of 29,000 architectural firms in Germany. We secured the 9th place in both the Architecture and Urban Planning categories!

21 Apr 23

Inauguration of the St. Johannes Maria Vianney development

After three years of construction, the grand opening celebration of the St. Johannes Maria Vianney neighbourhood took place on Friday afternoon in Stuttgart-Mönchfeld. The buildings are arranged around a green courtyard on the grounds of the Catholic parish of St. Johannes Maria Vianney. The complex comprises 64 residential units for elderly people, a daycare facility and a branch of the St. Monika Neugereut welfare centre. A new church building with a community centre is set to open this summer.

20 Apr 23

Topping-out ceremony for the International School in Stuttgart

Defying rain and wind, the construction site in Stuttgart Degerloch is making great progress. The building shell of the extension for the International School is completed, and so it was time to celebrate the traditional topping-out ceremony. The new building for the private school is expected to be completed by the end of September.

19 Apr 23

Cornerstone ceremony for Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen

The Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen is being extended. The foundation stone was laid in the presence of Baden-Württemberg’s State Secretary Arne Braun from the Ministry of Science, Research and Art. The museum extension will create a boat-shaped visitor centre with a new entrance area and a two-storey gallery. The museum aims to prepare for the future and become more modern. The new building is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in May 2024.

31 Mär 23

2nd prize for Cultural and Sports Centre in Mannheim

The city of Mannheim is planning to build a new cultural and sports centre combined with a volunteer fire brigade station. The aim is to ensure the preservation of social, cultural and sporting life in the Wallstadt district. A competition was held to find the best possible urban planning and architectural solution. Our design, which we developed together with Glück Landschaftsarchitektur, was awarded 2nd prize for its functionality and effectiveness.

25 Mär 23

Ceremony for the consecration of NAK Uhingen

On Saturday, the consecration of the New Apostolic Church Unteres Filstal was ceremoniously celebrated with invited guests. As a landmark, the new building in Uhingen marks the transition between the settlement area and the surrounding landscape.

22 Mär 23

Wir suchen Verstärkung in der Ausschreibung

Für unseren Standort im schönen Stuttgarter Westen suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt Unterstützung im Bereich Ausschreibung / Vergabe. Detaillierte Infos finden Sie hier. Wir freuen uns über Ihre Bewerbung an

07 Mär 23

12th place in the national BauNetz Office Ranking!

The BauNetz Office Ranking is a list of best architecture firms determined by BauNetz, a German online platform offering services for architects and planners. Now the ranking for March and April is final. We can proudly announce that we have made it to 12th place nationwide! In the regional Baden-Württemberg ranking, we even take pride in 4th place!

03 Mär 23

Groundbreaking ceremony in Rheinstetten

The symbolic groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new town centre of Rheinstetten. The scheme includes two four-storey buildings, which will form the heart of the neighbourhood, together with the cultural centre and the adjacent market square. The two commercial buildings will house various facilities, including a supermarket, a chemist’s, a savings bank branch, medical practices, offices, a fitness studio and a brewery with a beer garden.

02 Mär 23

Topping-out ceremony for Franz Binder School

The topping-out ceremony for the new building of the Franz Binder School in Neckarsulm marked the completion of another milestone. The celebration was held together with all parties involved in the project. Since the school will unite three secondary school types under one roof, it represents an important future project for the city of Neckarsulm.

17 Feb 23

3rd prize for Beethoven Quarter in Erlangen

In 2019 and 2021, Langerberg Verwaltungs GmbH & Co KG acquired the properties north and south of Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse in Erlangen with the intention of redeveloping both areas and implementing a mix of residential and commercial uses. To find a suitable design, the firm launched an urban planning and architectural competition with an urban planning ideas section. The key criteria included the integration of the concept into the urban context, architectural excellence, economic feasibility and the possibility to divide the property to allow for individual development. Our proposal was awarded 3rd place in the competition!

17 Feb 23

Changeover of our domain + website

As of today, our website is accessible under the new domain
With this change, all our email addresses will be modified to end with Of course, the current email addresses will be maintained for a certain period of time to ensure smooth communication. In line with the domain transition, we have also updated our office website.

12 Feb 23

a+r ski trip 2023

Up we go into the mountains – this weekend, we went on our annual ski trip. This year’s destination was Davos. Together, we enjoyed three days of perfect weather and beautiful snow as we whizzed down the slopes.

10 Feb 23

“Preisgekrönte a+r Architekten in Stuttgart”, StZ Plus

Our office is featured in a prominent report in Stuttgarter Zeitung Plus (“Award-winning a+r Architekten in Stuttgart”). Journalist Nicole Golombek describes how we address ethical requirements in architecture through residential buildings in Stuttgart, a palace of culture in Aalen and a hospital in Myanmar. You can read the full article here.

03 Feb 23

1st prize for Fasanenhof Stuttgart

And yet another 1st prize! Siedlungswerk Stuttgart held a restricted competition for the extension of the Fasanenhof School and the redesign of Delpweg. The aim is to develop a new, high-quality and vibrant multi-generational residential quarter, incorporating the redevelopment plans for the Sankt Ulrich church site, especially the design of the outdoor spaces. In the ideas section, the competition required a proposal for the extension of the neighbouring Fasanenhof School to include a canteen, along with additional school and childcare rooms on the plot adjoining to the north. Our design is based on an urban development approach that convinced the jury.

18 Jan 23

1st prize for Diaconal Centre Christuskirche in Reutlingen

The new year starts with fantastic news: We have been awarded the planned conversion project for Christuskirche in Reutlingen. It is the second-largest Protestant church in Reutlingen after Marienkirche. However, since it has become too large for the church community’s current needs, there are plans to expand the usage of Christuskirche Reutlingen into a diaconal centre through appropriate modifications and additional buildings. For this purpose, the Protestant church community of Reutlingen announced a restricted competition. Our design was awarded 1st prize! It demonstrates that it is definitely possible to enhance historical church sites of urban significance by enriching their uses, keeping them economically viable and preserving them as valuable focal points of urban society and making them fit for the future, while appreciating their status as listed monuments.