School Campus Freiham South, Bayernkaserne

Competition 2017 Execution: 2019 - 2025 Location: Munich Client: State capital of Munich Visualisation: moka-studio

On the site of the former Bayernkaserne in Munich-Freiham, a new urban district with 4,000 residential units is being developed. As part of this district development, two schools are built at the School Campus South: a secondary school with a three-field sports hall and a school swimming pool, and a primary school with a two-field sports hall and a childcare facility. The schools, each with six parallel classes per grade, feature a shared cafeteria, an underground car park and outdoor sports facilities.

According to the urban master plan by Max Dudler and Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht, the two school sites are precisely sized to fit within the perimeter block structure of the new district. The required building volumes of the two schools fully occupy the respective plots. This provides the opportunity to create outdoor spaces on the rooftops. Accordingly, the green and themed playgrounds are distributed in terraces across multiple floors and connected by spacious staircases.

The schools are each divided into two sections. The two podium levels accommodate all general facilities such as the auditorium, cafeteria, administration and sports and swimming halls. On the three floors above, the classrooms for each grade are organised as so-called learning houses with team rooms and an open central zone. The necessary escape balcony structure of the learning houses, made of concrete, rests on the solid brick podium.