New Apostolic Church Uhingen

Multiple commissioning 2019 Execution: 2021 - 2022 Location: Uhingen Client: Neuapostolische Kirche Süddeutschland K.d.ö.R Photography: Marcus Ebener

The new building of the New Apostolic Church in Uhingen serves as a place of worship for the new church community of Unteres Filstal, which comprises the parishes of Uhingen, Albershausen and Ebersbach.
The new church building creates a landmark, marking the transition between the settlement area and the surrounding landscape. The permissible polygonal site area that may be built on results in a unique church form with a distinctive identity. The brick masonry strengthens the church’s stand-alone presence and emphasises its special use. Light slits with angled reveals are integrated into the brickwork, giving the building a sacred character. The roof structure, made of laminated timber beams, slopes downwards towards the altar wall, directing the focus towards the altar itself – a simple cube made of natural brown clay with interspersions from the soil of the site.
Mobile partition walls provide a high degree of flexibility for the interior, allowing two multi-purpose rooms to be connected to both the church hall and the foyer. This enables the church hall to be expanded by 100 seats for special, festive occasions and creates a connection between the foyer and the eastern landscaped area with a terrace for community events.