Gymnasium Schulstraße Berlin-Mitte

Competition 2021 Execution: 2024 - 2026 Location: Berlin Client: HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH Visualisation: moka-studio

The planned Schulstrasse school site is located in Berlin’s Mitte district, more precisely in the Gesundbrunnen neighbourhood. A grammar school with two stacked three-field sports halls and outdoor facilities is to be built on the polygonal plot.

The school is planned as a grammar school according to the Berlin Compartment Concept with innovative functional and room programmes to accommodate 664 pupils, with a maximum capacity of 740 pupils.

The sports halls will be used for school sports as well as for popular and club sports. Additionally, a youth room will be provided for extracurricular sports activities. The ground floor sports hall is planned to accommodate roller skating sports, as per the request of the Mitte district authorities.