Extension of International School Stuttgart 4th Construction Phase

Execution: 2021 - 2023 Location: Stuttgart Client: International School of Stuttgart e.V. Visualisation: moka-studio

After the partial demolition of the first construction phase, a new four-story building is to replace the two-storey part of the building at the current main entrance. The new building will have terraced levels. It consists of two full storeys and steps down in the northern part. This design creates spacious outdoor areas on the rooftops, directly connected to the clusters, which can be used by students as recreational and break spaces during school hours. Additionally, a large, connecting external staircase will provide a second emergency exit directly to the outside, ensuring safety measures are met.

The southern four-storey section of the building aligns with the urban edge of the second construction phase. The northern terraced section is set back, creating a spacious urban forecourt in the east, in conjunction with the first construction phase. On the western side of the building, there are sports and schoolyard areas.

The new main entrance in the east leads from the urban forecourt into the new “heart” of the school. Via this shared foyer, the pupils reach a spacious staircase up to the first floor. All cluster levels are centrally accessed via the central staircase in the south. The “School Street” on the first floor serves as the main barrier-free connection between all construction phases.

The foyer is surrounded by public, prestigious areas of use consisting of a theatre, makerspace, music and design clusters, thus offering visitors insights into everyday school life.

The quality of the cluster areas is of utmost importance, with the guiding principle being the “learning landscape”: a spatial structure that is as open as possible and offers better and more diverse usage options than conventional school layouts. The room clusters for each grade consist of 2-3 classrooms with associated differentiation rooms, organised as independent learning studios.

In the centre of each studio, there is an open multifunctional area with a direct view to the outside. Niches create “arenas” and “cosy corners”, offering diverse possibilities for everyday school activities. Each cluster has direct access to the adjacent terrace, allowing students to have their lessons outdoors in good weather.