“Wohnen für Alle” Fellbach

Investor selection procedure 2017 Execution: 2018 - 2021 Location: Fellbach Client: Siedlungswerk Stuttgart Photography: Werner Huthmacher

At the entrance of Fellbach-Schmiden, an car-free residential quarter has been developed under the focus theme of “Wohnen für alle” (Housing for All). It combines a total of 70 apartments, a community room and an underground car park, bringing together owner-occupied, rental and subsidised housing under four roofs. Narrow connecting buildings link the four elongated structures, forming a barrier towards the street and allowing for peaceful living within the neighbourhood. The plastered main buildings are distinguished by different plaster textures and colours, contrasting with the recessed horizontal band façade. The shared open space to the north of the property serves both as an access point and a social meeting place and playground with a high quality of stay.