TTR Reutlingen Office and Laboratory Building – 5th Construction Phase

Execution: 2015 - 2017 Location: Reutlingen Client: TTR Technologieparks Tübingen-Reutlingen GmbH Photography: Thomas Herrmann

The new office and laboratory building of TTR GmbH, together with the fourth construction phase that we implemented between 2013 and 2014, defines the future centre of the technology park in Reutlingen. Due to its special location and the optional gastronomic use on the ground floor facing the square, the H-shaped floor plan typology, which is considered ideal for the business incubators, was slightly modified and further developed in the area of the central entrance core. As a result, the new building deliberately deviates from the otherwise highly symmetric existing buildings. The U-shaped structure allows for the division into flexible rental units that are accessed via the central core. On the two upper levels, it is possible to create self-contained rental areas facing east, south and west. The basement level provides parking spaces with direct access to the foyer.