TTR Reutlingen Office and Laboratory Building – 4th Construction Phase

Expert assessment procedure 2001 Execution: 2013 - 2014 Construction Costs: ca. 6.6 Mio € Location: Reutlingen-Kusterdingen Client: TTR Technologieparks Tübingen-Reutlingen GmbH Photography: Thomas Herrmann

TTR Technologieparks Tübingen-Reutlingen GmbH, a subsidiary of L-Bank Baden-Württemberg, is developing two technology parks for the cities of Tübingen and Reutlingen, each with an approximate area of 705 hectares. The 4th construction phase at the Reutlingen site is designed as a combined office and laboratory building. The H-shaped floor plan, with a central entrance unit in the middle and flexibly divisible rental units in the wings, follows the typology of the previous construction phases. The newly constructed car park is integrated as a special component in the “second row” of the technology park and provides approximately 200 parking spaces.