Rosenstein Quarter

Competition 2012 Execution: 2015 - 2018 Construction Costs: ca. 24.7 Mio € Location: Stuttgart Client: Siedlungswerk Stuttgart Umweltpreis der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart 2016 Flächenrecyclingpreis Baden-Württemberg 2019 Wohnbauten des Jahres 2019 - Award Neighbourhood Development Beispielhaftes Bauen Stuttgart 2015-2019 Photography: Brigida González

The former commercial property is located on the eastern edge of the Pragfriedhof cemetery in Stuttgart, near the Nordbahnhof (North Station). The exceptionally homogeneous block perimeter development of the Rosenstein Quarter is continued as an urban theme with regard to the scale and grain of the buildings. The typical gaps between the building are derived from the existing structures and provide a high permeability from the street to the green space. Each apartment in the block perimeter development has a connection to the west or south, overlooking the green courtyard area.