Main and State Stud Marbach – Riding Hall Offenhausen

Execution: 2010 - 2011 Construction Costs: ca. 1.3 Mio € Location: Gomadingen-Offenhausen Client: State of Baden-Württemberg Hugo-Häring-Award Neckar-Alb 2014 Holzbaupreis Baden-Württemberg 2012 - Mention Baukultur Schwäbische Alb Beispielhaftes Bauen Reutlingen 2008-2014 Photography: Thomas Herrmann

The riding hall blends into the sloping terrain south of the former monastery complex. The building’s shape is derived from the hillside location: it features a mono-pitched roof that follows the slope, with a counter-pitch and skylight strip. The counter-pitch reduces the visible roof area, minimising the overall visual impact of the building and allowing it to harmoniously integrate into the slope. The north façade features large glass areas, providing views into the hall and from inside, offering a glimpse of the historical monastery complex.