Hybrid School and Housing Construction Schönhof District Frankfurt Site G

Competition 2019 Location: Frankfurt am Main Client: Nassauische Heimstätte Wohnungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft & Instone Real Estate Development GmbH Visualization: moka-studio

The future Schönhof district is characterised by a park-like green corridor running from east to west. In the centre of the neighbourhood, the so-called “Spange” (bracket), consisting of two buildings blocks, intersects the green corridor and defines the centre with a square. The southern multifunctional building complex is intended to include not only residential units but also a primary school with a sports hall.

Due to the high densification, almost all open spaces are laid out within the block. The primary school is organised in a U-shape around the central schoolyard. It opens up towards the west through a two-storey cutout, making optimal use of the available site. Pupils are guided to the cluster level via the foyer facing the neighbourhood square and the adjoining Schulstrasse (School Street), where they find two central staircases. The ground floor is divided into two parts. On the entrance side, there is a school canteen with a music room and library that can be added if required. These spaces enliven the square and can be used for external purposes. On the opposite side, the preschool class and specialised classrooms are organised like clusters, easily accessible for all pupils. The sports hall is located in the middle of the school, with the playing field on the basement level.