Centre for Precision Technology

Execution: 2020 - 2021 Location: Pforzheim Client: Gustav Epple Bauunternehmung Photography: Werner Huthmacher

Being a highly attractive innovation hub, the Centre for Precision Technology is to serve as a tool for users and entrepreneurs. In 2015, the project idea was awarded as a “lighthouse project”. The building reflects the process of creation and has the character of the “unfinished”. The guiding principle derived from this is to view the building as an extended shell, capable of adapting to any change in use at any time. The interior is characterised by mostly visible structures, such as concrete ceilings and walls of the cores. Installations are either exposed or visible behind semi-transparent suspended ceilings. In terms of urban planning, the building serves as the starting point to the Pforzheim University campus. The main entrance is centrally located in line with the “Campus-Mitte”, the students’ central outdoor area.